Haley Allen, Founder and Executive Chef

Haley is a Personal Chef specializing in catering luxury vacations and corporate executive retreats. She works primarily as a live-in chef for VIP clientele looking for the ultimate personalized fine dining experience, without the hassle of restaurants.

Haley grew up and trained in Toronto. At 25, she was the Head Chef of a busy Italian restaurant downtown.
A few years ago, she moved her life and heart to the mountains of BC.

As the Sous Chef for the #1 Ski Lodge in North America, she honed her skills at creating not only beautiful and delicious gourmet meals, but a luxuriously inviting kitchen atmosphere.

Sam Millette, Operations Manager

Sam is the everything guy: he helps with sourcing and purveying our fine ingredients and wines, transportation and logistics, and heat-of-the-moment (literally) problem solving. He is an integral part of the team and clients love his professional, yet personable demeanour. Not to mention, with his background of cooking in Montréal and with Haley at the restaurant in Toronto, he makes an amazing Sous Chef, too!

With their dynamic experience, they are the perfect choice for every step of any event—from intimate multi-course fine dining experiences, to large cocktail parties.

Welcome them into your home for an unparalleled, creatively personalized and luxurious experience of a lifetime

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